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Why data for business?

Business used to be practiced with a lot of decisions being made using gut feeling, with no surety of a right or wrong outcome. And this is where data comes in, as a reliable measure of success and decisions that lead to it.

With Probe42, this data is collected, cleaned and curated for your disposal, allowing you to make better business decisions.

While information on unlisted companies is available in the public domain, these are the problems faced while trying to access it:

  • Large Unlisted Market: 17L active unlisted companies & Low visibility via traditional sources.
  • Disconnected Sources: Information spread across multiple sources & No standard formats, documents.
  • Speed & Cost Challenges: Manual, slow, cost-intensive & High-quality data at speed is a key need.

What We Do?

With over a decade of experience in handling data, we have the expertise that will enable you to make better and faster decisions.

We collect data from 743 validated public domain sources to get the most up-to-date and wide-ranging spread of information. We then clean this data using fine-tuned algorithms and QA experts to make sure it is verified and ready for your needs.

Finally, we curate this highly accurate data for optimal presentation and seamless end-usage, so you can access it easily without wasting any time trying to decipher it.

Make better business

Improve sales by 3x

Boost team productivity

Reduce bad debt

Why Choose Probe42?

Trusted by the top Indian banks

9 out of 10 of India’s premier banking institutions have signed up with Probe.

High quality data verification

Using a 5-step process powered by 200+ data curators.

Data mining expertise

With over a decade of experience.

User feedback (up-to-date with market needs)

We frequently release new features based on user feedback and market needs.

No. 1 company information provider

With the largest coverage of Indian companies.

Trusted by decision makers

“Probe is a great tool to get information on any customers/suppliers at any point in time with a click of a button. They have a really amazing user interface that helps us in understanding the complete background of our existing & potential customers, vendors, suppliers from new business development standpoint and also for making informed credit decisions. One million companies on a single platform is amazing. We are using probe utility as an enhanced due diligence instrument (over the desk itself) and now our guys are well-informed and going well-prepared before a corporate with apt propositions/ solutions. Good luck team Probe!“

Sumit Rohatgi, CFO
Interglobe Technology Quotient Private Limited

“I speak for my team when I say that Probe has been extremely useful for us, especially for private companies where information is scarce and scattered. We really trust the authenticity of the data as it’s directly from MCA and this has definitely saved us many man-hours in our day-to-day job. Even when we request for updates, we have always received them in a matter of a few hours. The pricing has been transparent as you send us detailed, company-wise monthly reports. Overall, we are extremely grateful to you and your team, and hope this partnership continues!“

Senior Analyst
In a Top 5 Global Bank

“It was such a great pleasure using this probe42 platform. Since we are using this platform from past one year., It was very helpful, less time-consuming and problem-solving in a very precise manner. As we are in export import business of IT products and services, We are selling products/services on Credit terms based on credit worthiness of the partner. Using this platform , we will come to know actual strength and weakness of the partner, financial stability, Ratio analysis, details of open charges with supporting docs of sanction letters, peer comparison also with compliance issues. It is also helpful in smart search function for marketing and business expansion purpose. We also love the function of the latest updated data with quick updating in maximum 24 hours.”

Vishwa Shah
Zen Exim Private Limited

“Probe has a really amazing user interface which helps understand the data clearly. They provide analytics support on the data and their large data repository means that the access time to the data is wonderfully small. In addition, the support from the team is commendable.”

Udayaditya Dwivedi

“Probe provides charges, legal and financial data all in one single place, thereby simplifying our data sourcing work. API is their super rocking feature! We could integrate with Probe API in less than two days. Now our whole system runs completely automated, with Probe data pulled in and ready to be used.”

Pranav Bhagwat

“Probe has become a very important tool for our business. Earlier if the sales team had a wish list of corporates, whom they wished to on-board and provide a proposition, they would have to go, do a cold call, seek appointment and phone numbers then spend time understanding the company. But with the comprehensive insights available of the corporates on Probe, through various Tabs and reports, it becomes easy to do a solid pre-call prep and approach the client directly with a solution, hence saving on time for both parties. Good luck to the team!”

Vibhaj Rajan

“The simple plug-and-play solution (Probe API) has ensured that we focus on our core competency of risk assessment and leverage Probe’s expertise in data-fetching & management, to deliver a seamless, best-in class solution to our customers. The data quality is exceptional.”

Manish Chaudhury

“As early adopters of Probe42, we were impressed by the platform’s capabilities and the many benefits it offers to Sales teams. It is a great tool to enhance productivity and filter prospects, for all B2B teams.”

Vinod Parmar

“Probe42 is designed around the user and is very easy and convenient to use. It has brought down cycle times in our credit appraisal processes.”

Deepak Gupta

Our Clientele